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Citytour in Stuttgart

Explore the pulsating regional capital city

Explore with us Stuttgart’s most important places of interest and get to know many worth knowing and entertaining matters about the pulsating capitol city of Baden-Württemberg – of course in first-class sound- and Experience-quality!
Your 24 hour tickets offers you enough scope for individual city explorations. You can get on/off on 10 distinctive bus stops- called TopStops- in Stuttgart´s urban area at discretion. If you do not want to get off the bus and prefer enjoying the city´s flair from your bus-seat, the ride will last about 100 minutes!

For our young Stuttgart-City-Tourer guests we offer a special Kids-Audio-tour (only available in German)

Green line


daily route-
HopOn / HopOffs April - October
Fr -Mo, bank holidays
01  i-Punkt / Turmforum 11:00, 12:20, 14:00, 15:20, 16:40*
02  Palace Square 11:04, 12:24, 14:04, 15:24, 16:44*
03  Television Tower 11:27, 12:47, 14:27, 15:47, 17:07*
04  Degerloch / Zacke 11:32, 12:52, 14:32, 15:52, 17:12*
05  Funicular railway 11:38, 12:58, 14:38, 15:58, 17:18*
06  Marienplatz Square 11:48, 13:08, 14:48, 16:08, 17:28*
07  Karlshöhe Hill 11:52, 13:12, 14:52, 16:12, 17:32*
08  Linden-Museum 11:59, 13:19, 14:59, 16:19, 17:39*
09  Arrival i-Punkt 12:04, 13:24, 15:04, 16:24, 17:44*

* These rides end at I-Punkt

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Itinerary, highlights und places of interest

01 i-Punkt / Turmforum
Visit the Tourist Information and get inspired by what Stuttgart has to offer. Discover Europe‘s largest building site and the associated exhibition on Stuttgart 21 in the Turmforum at the Main Railway Station.
02 Palace square
Stuttgart‘s most beautiful square in the heart of the city, and the ideal starting point for you to visit many museums, sights and the longest pedestrian precinct in Germany.
03 Television Tower
The observation decks offer fantastic panoramic views over the Swabian Alb as far as the Black Forest and into the heart of the city.
04 Degerloch / Zacke Rack Railway
Stuttgart's rack railway, affectionately called „Zacke“, is one of the last four of it's kind in Germany. During the ride you will have a far view across the Stuttgart’s city centre..
05 Funicular railway
Pure nostalgia: the ride with the protected historic railway made of teakwood is of an extraordinary kind.
06 Marienplatz Square
Here at Marienplatz Square, meeting point of the urban in-crowd, ends – or begins – the ride on „Zacke“.
07 Karlshöhe Hill
The ascension takes 10 minutes. Reaching the top of Karlshöhe hill, you will get a fantastic view over Stuttgart and the television tower.
08 Linden-Museum
Enter a world of difference and discover amazing facts about the history of art and culture of foreign races!
09 i-Punkt