Hygiene Concept

Due to the Covid 19 safety regulations, people participating in our bus tour have to be:

  • Medical or FFP2 mask
    Wearing a medical or FFP2 mask is compulsory during the entire tour 

  • Disinfect hands
    Please disinfect your hands thoroughly when entering. If you do not have your own approved disinfectant at hand, you will find a disinfectant dispenser in the entrance area or on the front stairs. 
  • Avoid contact to other passengers 
    To ensure a safe distance, please board at the front of the vehicle, use the front stairs to access the upper deck. When alighting, please use the rear stairs. Exit at the rear door. Please allow disembarking guests to leave the vehicle before boarding. 

  • Tickets should be purchased online in advance.
    Our bus driver will be happy to sell you a ticket. For protection, it is better to buy the ticket online in advance.

We do not need air purifiers. Unless it rains, we drive with the top open. When it rains, we can ventilate our vehicles optimally through the side windows.

We hope you enjoy our tour and look forward to seeing you.