New route

New route, new texts, new speakers - HopOn HopOff tour with Gehry buildings, Joseph Beuys and Fortuna-Büdchen

New route,new texts, new speakers

HopOn HopOff Tour with Gehry-Buildings, Joseph Beuys and Fortuna-Büdchen

„Every stop tellsa story“

For the past eight years, the red double-decker buses have shown how beautiful Düsseldorf is. Düsseldorf Tourismus GmbH has now fundamentally revised the City Tour. Thanks to the new route, the convertible buses can now also travel through the Medienhafen. The guests of the HopOn HopOff tour have box seats for a view of the Gehry buildings. A newly established stop at the Academy of Art offers direct access to the museums between the Court of Honour and the Old Town. And the Königsallee will now be used on both sides to make the special atmosphere of the shopping boulevard completely tangible. The new texts, which guests can select via headphones in ten languages, convey an authentic picture of Düsseldorf by telling stories: of Joseph Beuys, the Toten Hosen or the Fortuna Büdchen. The brand outfit of the buses was also revised and adapted to the design of the new city brand, as were all advertising materials. The season starts on Saturday, 24 March 2018, with four newly branded buses.

With the help of numerous partners, above all the bus companies Willms and Adorf, Düsseldorf Tourism has developed a new route that makes modern Düsseldorf a better experience. More Königsallee, a large loop through the MedienHafen and the new stop at the Academy of Arts - this is how the state capital will be shown from the HopOn HopOff season 2018. The new official city tour is entitled "Every stop tells a story".

"It was important for us to present Düsseldorf to our guests in the same way that we ourselves find it most beautiful," says Frank Schrader, Managing Director of Düsseldorf Tourismus GmbH. "But we haven't just optimized the track. We also took a self-critical look at all the texts from the guests' point of view and completely revised some of them. If you travel with a HopOn HopOff bus these days, you expect well done infotainment and not a Telekolleg on wheels. Our experience: "Good stories have a more lasting effect than concatenated year dates because they reach the guests emotionally".