City tour through Heilbronn

50 highlights in 100 minutes

Experience Heilbronn in comfort and get on board our comfortable sightseeing bus. An audio commentary accompanies you through the city's history. You will learn exciting background information, see the most important monuments and sights as well as the lively diversity of the up-and-coming city on the Neckar. We have put together 50 highlights for you in 100 minutes.

Whether it's the Gastromeile on the Neckar, the panoramic wine trail on the Wartberg or the botanical orchard in the east of Heilbronn - there's a lot to discover on our tour. Heilbronn combines a love of nature with metropolitan flair. The vineyards extend right up to the edge of the city, while urban forests and parks characterize the cityscape. At the same time, the largest educational campus of its kind is being built in the city center. Europe's largest science center and the site of the 2019 Federal Garden Show are also located in the heart of the city. And in the pedestrian zones, numerous owner-managed stores and boutiques guarantee a special shopping experience.

Would you like to know why Heilbronn can call itself the oldest wine town in Württemberg? Or what is behind the legendary Käthchen von Heilbronn? Find out!

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Entrances and exits

March 22 to November 03
Friday - Sunday

01 IBIS - Hotel
HNV stop Neckarturm
02 BW Bank
Kaiserstraße / Allee
03 Trappensee
HNV stop Trappensee / in front of tennis club
04 Pfühlpark - Schlizstraße
Schlizstraße / HNV stop Pfühlpark West
05 Wartberg
Parking lot Höhenrestaurant Wertberg
06 Weingärtner Genossenschaft
in front of the cooperative winery
07 Botanical orchard
HNV stop Schickhardtstraße / in front of the orchard
08 Education campus
09 Europaplatz / Bleichinselbrücke
Kranenstraße / Paula-Fuchs-Allee
10 Theresienwiese - Theresienturm
Theresienstrasse / in front of Theresienturm
11 Jetty
Badstraße / corner of Achtungstraße
Arrival IBIS-Hotel12:0814:0816:08

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adults20 €
Children 4 to 14 years5 € *

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Our route

Route, highlights and sights

01 IBIS-Hotel Bahnhofsstraße"experimenta" Experimenta-Platz, theater ship, shopping facilities, restaurants and bars on the Neckar mile, Kilianskirche, historic town hall, astronomical art clock, Neckar riverbank, Neckar boat, Wertwiesenpark, Museum im Deutschhof
02 BW Bank Kaiserstrasse / AlleeVogelmann art gallery, Wein Villa, Reinhardt soaps
03 TrappenseeTrappenseeschlösschen, Restaurant and Cafe Trappensee, beer garden, honorary cemetery, nature reserve "Köpfertal", beer garden Licht-Luft-Bad, sculpture trail in Köpfertal
04 Pfühlpark-SchlizstraßePfühlpark and Pfühlsee lake
05 WartbergWartberg tower, Wartberg restaurant and café, "Schaufenster unter den Arkaden" wine museum, wine panorama trail, "Wengerthäusle am Wartberg" wine bar
06 Wine growers cooperativeWine cellar Heilbronn, vineyard
07 Botanical orchardBotanical orchard, Jewish cemetery
08 Educational campus - Schaeuffelenstr.Soleo leisure pool, educational campus, Wein Villa wine bar, roller skating rink, Kolbenschmidt Arena
09 WTZ Tower - In the Future ParkWTZ Tower
10 Theresienwiese - TheresienturmTheresien Tower
11 Badstraßejetty Excursion boats "Neckarbummler" & "Fee", beer garden food court, love locks on the Götzenturm bridge


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