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Karlsruhe has many faces. In its almost 300-year history, the former residential and planned city has developed into a centre for art, culture, law and technology and is now home to the Federal Court of Justice, Germany's highest court, as well as a vibrant cultural landscape with over 50 museums, theatres and galleries.

Come with us on an approx. 130-minute tour of the fan-shaped city of Karlsruhe and learn more about the rather short history of the former royal seat. On the way, we will pass a number of the city's highlights, including the castle, the ZKM, the old slaughterhouse and Durlach with its old town, the famous Turmberg railway and Karlsburg Castle.

During the tour, you have the option of leaving the bus at one of our 9 stops, exploring the surrounding highlights on foot or visiting one of Karlsruhes‘s many museums and simply getting on the next bus - HopOn-HopOff makes it possible.

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Latest timetable information

Unfortunately, we are currently unable to offer you any tours in Karlsruhe. We will be back on the road for you in Karlsruhe from 22 March 2024.

 HopOn - HopOffs22 March to 03 November
Wednesday & Friday - Saturday
01 Station forecourt
Station square / corner Ebert street
02 ZKM / Municipal Gallery
Lorenz street / in front of ZKM
03 Ettlinger Tor / Baden State Theatre
Ettlinger street / corner Kriegs street
04 Marketplace
Rondell square / Tourist-Information
05 Europa square
Karl street 17
06 Tourist-Information Karlsruhe / Zirkel
Zirkel / Corner Lamm Street
07 Castle District
Bus parking
08 Creative Park East / Gottesaue Castle
Alter Schlachthof
09 Viewing platform Turmberg
Mountain station Turmbergbahn
10 Karlsburg / Durlach
Karlsburg street
 Arrival Station forecourt12:1014:5517:40
additional Dates:
Monday 10.04.2023 Easter Monday
Monday 01.05.2023 Labour Day
Thursday 18.05.2023 Ascension of Christ
Monday 29.05.2023 White Monday
Thursday 08.06.2023 Corpus Christi
Monday 02.10.2023 Bridge day (anniversary of German unification)

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Adults20 €
Children 4 to 14 years5 € 
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Our Route

Itinerary, highlights and places of interest

01 Station forecourtMain station, Zoological garden
02 ZKM
 Municipal gallery
Federal public prosecutor at the Federal Court of Justice, Municipal gallery, Center for arts and media    
03 Ettlinger Tor
Baden State Theater
Baden State Theater, Ettlinger Tor Shopping Center, Access to the congress center, Concert Hall, Black Forest Hall, City Hall, Vierordtbath, Zoological city garden
04 Market SquareTown hall & Protestant town church, access to the town center with market square and pyramid, tourist information office
05 Europe SquareShopping center, Postgalerie, Erbprinzstrasse, pedestrian zone, Kaiserstrasse, Ludwigsplatz, Prinz-Max Palais, Stephanplatz, Waldstrasse
06 Tourist-Information / ZirkelTourist Information Karlsruhe, access to the city centre with market square and pyramid, pedestrian zone
07 Castle DistrictBadisches Landesmuseum, Badischer Kunstverein, Botanical Garden, Federal Constitutional Court, KIT, Platz der Grundrechte, Staatliche Kunsthalle Karlsruhe, Karlsruhe Palace, Palace Garden
08 Creative Park                  East
Castle Gottesaue
Messplatz Karlsruhe, Human Rights Center, Gottesaue Castle, Substage, Tollhaus
09 Observation
Viewing platform Turmbergterrasse, gastronomy "Anders auf dem Turmberg", playground & forest rope park, Schöneck sports school, Turmberg, Turmberg cable car

10 Karlsburg

Durlacher Aldstadt, Durlacher Castle Garden with Lapidarium, Karlsburg Castle, Market Square & City Hall

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