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Attention!!! Stop no. 6 Ehrenmal / Lousberg is currently closed due to construction site.

CityTour in Aachen

Explore the imperial cure city Aachen

With our open top double-decker bus the tour will turn out to an expedition. The 2 two hours lasting tour will lead you around the town centre and to the boarder triangle, where you can change the countries Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands with only a few steps.

The modern HopOn/HopOff concept allows you to get off the bus on each stop and to explore your famous places unhurriedly: for example the Carolus Thermen Bad Aachen (thermal baths), the city garden, the Lousberg, the listed University clinical centre or the LINDT- chocolate-factory. Per loudspeaker you get to know more of the places of interest and the imperial cure city.

A great opportunity to get to know more about Aachen and its surroundings!

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29.05. -  01.11.2020
From April 2021
Friday - Sunday

07.11.2020 - March 2021
Saturday only

01 Elisenbrunnen10:3013:0015:30
02 Ludwig Forum10:4713:1715:47
03 Carolus thermal baths10:5013:2015:50
04 CHIO Tivoli10:5513:2515:55
05 Quellenhof / Eurogress 11:0013:3016:00
06 Memorial / Lousberg--:----:----:--
07 RWTH11:0513:3516:05
08 Bendplatz11:0813:3816:08
09 University clinical center 11:2313:5316:23
10 Vaals Busstation Maastrichterlaan
next to VVV Zuid-Limburg
11 Netherlands / Border triangleArrival11:4014:1016:40
 20 minutes break
12 Vaals Busstation Maastrichterlaan
next to VVV Zuid-Limburg
13 Main station 12:2514:5517:25
14 Health clinic "An der Rosenquelle" 12:3015:0017:30
15 Theaterplatz 12:3515:0517:35
Arrival Elisenbrunnen 12:4015:1017:40



HopON HopOff - valid 24 hours

Adult15 €
each additional child*8 €

* Per each paying adult 2 children (4 - 14 years) free

1 assistant for persons with severely handicapped pass "B" free.

Itinerary, highlights and places of interest

01 ElisenbrunnenAseag stop H2
Elisenbrunnen, Aachen cathedral, Archeological showcase, Aachen Tourist Service
02Ludwig ForumJülicher Straße
Ludwig Forum for international arts
03 Carolus thermal bathsAseag stop Ungarnplatz
Carolus thermal baths, Citygardens
04 CHIO TivoliAlemannia Aachen Stadium
CHIO Aachen, Tivoli
05 Quellenhof / Eurogress  
Quellenhof, Eurogress, Citygardens
06 Memorial / LousbergAseag stop
Memorial, Lousberg, Aachen acropolis, Salvator church
07 RWTH Aseag stop Driescher Gässchen
08 BendplatzAseag stop
Bendplatz, Lindt chocolates
09 University clinical centerAseag stop
10 Vaals Busstation Maastrichterlaan next to VVV Zuid-LimburgBusstation
Vaals Busstation Maastrichterlaan next to VVV Zuid-Limburg
11 Netherlands / border triangle 
Border triangle, Border triangle labyrinth
Vaals Busstation Maastrichterlaan next to VVV Zuid-LimburgBusstation
13 Main station Aseag stop H3
Main station
14 Health clinic "An der Rosenquelle"Aseag stop
Fountain of roses, Saline cavern, Spa gardens
15 TheaterplatzAseag stop
Theater, Cineplex, Kapuziner Karree


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